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There seems to be a attempt to rebrand as “shencomix”. (see title)


Change the main page name's and move to shen:owlturd: to shen:comic: if the author goes through with his renaming to “Shen Comix”

Create index page and add index link to navigation. Make to logo link to homepage?

The latest comic is excluded from this (manual) list.
As of 2017-12-15 :

List of pages missing navigation links (''..:index'')

(manual list) As of 2017-12-22 :

Official domain

Maybe change to or ?

See "" search results and "" search results.

Currently, the domains are really inconsistent.

Imgur mirror

As of 2017-11-25, the following articles use a fanmade mirror instead of the official one (by the author): (manual list)


(Manual) list of comics missing Reddit links:



comic tagged using the wrong namespace :

2017/10/18 19:57 Tilwa Qendov
2017/10/16 21:43 Tilwa Qendov
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