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All pages of this wiki shall be in the shen:owlturd: namespace (see namespace) Links should be relative to facilitate moving. Comics are tagged with shen:owlturd:comic.(see tags)


There's a shen: parent namespace in case someone wants to create shen:bluechair: or shen:lwys:


The format is <ISO 8601 date> (from Tumblr) + : <Tapas title> (if it exists).

List of exceptions to this rule

Article headings

The format is loosely following WP:BOOKS#Article_structure1).

Should the “Tumblr post” link to or
I'd go for the latter. (see status)

Imgur mirror

The link text may be followed by an interpunct (⋅) linking to a fan-made mirror (in case the original gets deleted).

When one of the previous/next posts isn't a comic per se, make a difference between Next and Next Comic.


The transcript should be the last section of the page.

Transcript format

Speech bubbles are between quotation marks: Character: “…”
Sound effects are displayed as SFX: …
Descriptions are in brackets: […]
Separate groups of panels with an em-dash:

Sound effects are surrounded in quotation marks if it is made by a character.
If needed, specify who's making the sound: SFX (character): “…”


Recurrent characters are beans, persons, years and Shen. Tag them!


Because of the move from owlturd: to shen:owlturd, some pages are tagged incorrectly. (see status)


Tags don't seem to support relative tag pages.2)
A plugin that allows them would be nice…

See move for consequences.

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